On the 29 of June 2016, a workshop was held at the Protea Hotel Centurion with the following respective parties’ involved; RTC, Anova, FHI360, Witkoppen, Shout it now, NDoH, Pepfar Liaison, SA Partners and MatCH.

The purpose of the workshop was to address and develop a detailed activity plan for decanting and adherence clubs.

Currently CaSIPO’s main aim is to focus on the third 90, and that is where as a project these three interventions are needed:

Peer Support Groups, which will be used to establish new support groups in all districts as well as develop and strengthen community cased directory in liaison with partners. Adherence Counselling which is the establishment of community adherence clubs to support ART prepacking process, including transportation of ARVs where appropriate coupled with intensive support for Adherence Strategy and Guidelines roll out and SOP implementation and then lastly, Missed Appointment Tracing with WBOTs/CHWs which involves CBOs to improve linkages to health facilities for viral load testing and then back to ACs for reporting and continued adherence support.

The workshop was an extremely informative one, and it was a privilege to have Dr John Ashton who is a Health Economist, Senior Manager, Health Policy Researcher & Advisor shed light on his experience with adherence clubs, what works and what doesn’t work and what to him is the most effective manner in how we can be SMART about reaching the amount of patients we need to.

Continuation of workshop in KZN

On Friday, 8 July 2016, a decongestion and adherence club workshop was held in Westville, KZN. This workshop was attended by various representatives which included PEPFAR Liasion, Chalone Savant and partners BroadReach, Khethímpilo, Zoe-life, NAPWA & MSF.

The workshop was opened by CaSIPO’s Programme Director, Vuyelwa Nqapayi who welcomed everyone followed by introductions of all representatives. This introduction was followed by PEPFAR Liaison who congratulated the KZN province for its outstanding achievement in making every effort to reach out to their communities.

Vuyelwa thanked Chalone for their support and emphasized that CaSIPO would continue to focus and stick to the 3rd 90 strategy which is to ensure that those who are on ART are virally suppressed.

Clare Wylie, CaSIPO’s Capacity Building and Technical Leads shared the purpose of this consultative meeting, emphasizing that it was purely focused on planning and getting input from various representatives present, looking at a detailed activity plan of the decongestion of adherence clubs.

Sinethemba Mofu, Provincial Care and Support Manager for Provincial DoH, updated everyone on the Adherence Guidelines training in the province. To add to this, she shared the good news of this Adherence strategy been approved by the National Health Council which indicates that it can be now implemented and proceed.

Each partner gave feedback on activities within the province and broke into smaller groups afterwards to plan and strategize for the way forward. The workshop was very informative, giving everyone direction as to where they would be moving forward from here.

More of these workshop are planning on happening in all of the other 8 provinces. To have a deeper look at the workings of them follow the CaSIPO Page for live video blog and the Twitter page about relevant real tweets regarding the different workshops.