Elizabeth Scrimgeour - Vice Chairperson

Elizabeth Scrimgeour is a Professional Nurse with qualifications as a general nurse, midwife, psychiatry, oncology and palliative care; an honours degree in psychology and Masters Degree in Theology, specialising in narrative therapy.

She joined Drakenstein Hospice 2000 as a part-time nurse and became the CEO in 2006.

Her interests in palliative care are the spiritual aspects and nursing. She enjoys processing, finding solutions to challengesand making forms.

'Living' with HIV/Aids and the unique needs of our children and the children of our patients has prompted us to create Butterfly House, a palliative resource centre in an informal settlement.

Elizabeth believes in people and has trained the first HBC workers in palliative care in 2004. 18 of those HBC workers are still in our employ. Management and structures of organisations have been a challenge and Elizabeth has channeled her energy to find innovative ways of an inclusive top down, bottom up, management style, in response to addressing community palliative care needs.

My husband John is an ex-pilot and now an olive farmer and we have 3 beautiful red haired children, all currently at university.