Josef Lazarus

Jo became involved with hospice in 1994 when the St Luke's Hospice Board commissioned him to conduct strategic planning research resulting in a significant restructuring of St Luke's.

In 1997 the HPCA Board commissioned Jo to conduct strategic planning research on the structure, functions and financial resources of HPCA. The resulting recommendations put HPCA firmly on a development oriented trajectory supported by the formation of several Hospice Development Sub-committees and a Hospice Development Fund to support the development of member hospices. Jo serves as strategic advisor to the HPCA Board and Management and was recently appointed Company Secretary.Jo is currently a Manager of a national higher education development initiative of JET Education Services.

Previous appointments include:

Director, S.A. Community Partnerships in Health Personnel Education; Head and Senior Lecturer, Academic Development, University of Natal; Founder, S.A. Association for Medical Education; and Assistant Director, Cancer Association of S.A. Honorary appointments include: Honorary Lecturer, University of Cape Town Faculty of Medicine; Honorary Life Member S.A. Association for Health Science Education; Board Member, Oliver Tambo Fellowship, Public Health Management; Member, National Task Group, Primary Health Care, DoH; Steering Committee, Association of Medical Schools in Africa; Member, National Core Group, Human Resource Development, DoH; Editorial Board, Community-University Partnerships (U.S.A.); International Advisory Board,'Medical Teacher' (UK); International Advisory Board, Journal of Education, Citizenship and Social Justice (U.K.); and International Reference Group, Community Engagement, University of Brighton (U.K.). Jo is a UCT philosophy graduate.

His hobbies include viticulture, oenology, chess, canoeing, cycling and surfing.