With your support we can make sure that every south African who is facing serious illness can access the care that they need.

HPCA works with our member organisations and partners to care for people, their family members and carers to promote quality of life and alleviate pain and distress associated with serious illness. We provide training in palliative care and advocate for the integration of Palliative Care in national health systems. We also provide quality assurance, mentorship and accreditation to hospices around the country.

R50 a month could

purchase four three-ply masks a month that will help to keep a hospice health worker and their patients safe until the COVID pandemic has passed.

R120 a month could

buy sufficient data for our hospice counsellors to provide spiritual and bereavement support in a virtual manner to those who cannot access this.

R600 a month could

fund provide a home based carer with palliative care training

R1200 a month could

provide a rural hospice with mentorship to improve their accreditation status and financial sustainability

Our Campaigns

Support Hospice Staff with PPE

With your support we will be able to ensure that hospice health care workers and their patients stay safe during the COVID19 pandemic

Support Hospice to Keep Their Doors Open

With your support we can help our members to keep offering their essential services during the current economic downturn

Support HPCA to Provide Free Beravement Counselling

With your support we can avail hospices’ expertise in bereavement counselling to all who need it free of charge